ATU offers a variety of programs to its members.  But it is important for you to understand that ATU is an activist, not a service, organization.  It is our aim that YOU, our members, who fund and support us, make up the movement.  We want YOU to be the leadership; YOU to identify the problems and priorities, YOU to set the strategies; YOU to come together as one to strengthen tenants’ rights in Arizona.  We can add programs and support, but all we can do for now is be on the sidelines until the movement is so big that there is no separation between YOU and us.

We do, however, recognize that people initially act out of their own self-interest.  Accordingly, we have specific programs that help tenants with a variety of issues.  The main programs we have deal with the following issues tenants complain to us about:

1) they want to break their leases;

2) they are having problems recovering their security deposits;

3) they are not getting needed repairs, and

4) they are facing eviction.

The Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act is designed for self help.  This means that to enforce your rights, all you have to do is serve notice on the landlord and then take action after the expiration of a notice period.  Each of the programs in this section discuss the specific strategies for dealing with these problems.  Our programs are designed to help you effectuate your rights.  It is our hope that as you avail yourselves of your rights in Arizona, as you put our programs into operation, and as you call us and join the tenants’ union, you will come to see that YOU are the ground troops of the movement.  If YOU don’t stand up to your landlord, no one will.

Educate, organize, resist!