ATU spends most of its energy helping individual members.  But our real passion is in politically organizing buildings, neighborhoods, and eventually organizing the entire state of Arizona.  With political organizing we can make Arizona a tenant-friendly state.  There are other organizations and attorneys here that represent tenants. But they are all are fee-for-service companies whose primary mission is to make money.  ATU, on the other hand, is nonprofit tenants union.  We seek to establish a culture of organizing collective action in Arizona. Our mission is to empower tenants and give them the rights they are entitled to and deserve.

Why organize tenants into associations?


There are many reasons why organizing tenants into tenants’ association is advantageous.  These include:

  • To improve your and your neighbors’ living conditions.
  • You and your neighbors are having problems with landlord or property manager.  You are looking for a strategy to deal with them.
  • There is strength in numbers.  Collective action by multiple tenants is far more difficult for a landlord to deal with than action by a single tenant.
  • To get both moral support and anonymity.  By being part of a group you don’t feel isolated in your fight.
  • To share the work and resources. The more of you there are, the more work that can be accomplished.  The less work there is for each of you.
  • For the diversity of skills and opinions available. New people may bring in new good ideas not considered before.
  • For continuity. It is very useful to keep a history of the landlord. They are likely to repeat past strategies and habits. With tenants moving in and out, a long-term association can keep records on the landlord over many years.
  • To get involved in bigger issues in your community or beyond.


The Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act actually protects tenants who join tenants’ unions.  Our staff has been organizing tenant associations for 35 years in New York City, Chicago and Arizona.  There is no one in the country more experienced at tenant organizing than ATU.  There is no organization more passionate about standing up for tenants than ATU.  Join us today and become part of the process organizing tenants and fundamentally changing the landlord/tenant landscape in Arizona



Educate, organize, resist!

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