Mission Statement

The mission of Arizona Tenants Union, Inc. is to change the landlord/tenant landscape in Arizona by creating a nonprofit, membership-driven tenants’ rights organization, which will let tenants know they have rights in Arizona, and advocate on their behalf for those rights. ATU will accomplish this by publicizing the Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, providing advocacy for members in individual problems, organizing buildings to give tenants strength by speaking to their landlord collectively, and providing technical assistance to community organizations, police departments, justice courts, and other agencies that serve tenants. ATU will also advocate and organize for legislative changes that will strengthen the landlord/tenant act and tenants’ rights in general.

Become a Member

To become a member, please complete the membership form and pay the $60.00 membership fee.  We are like renter’s insurance against bad landlords, except that we’re nonprofit and doing this out of love.  Membership includes:

Signup For Membership

  • Unlimited Telephone and in-Person Consultations
  • Help Getting Repairs
  • Help Defending Evictions
  • Help Recovering Security Deposits
  • Help Terminating Leases Assistance Organizing Tenant Associations
  • Access to Template Letter & Custom Letters
  • Access to expert lease analysis
  • Referrals to Landlord/Tenant Attorneys as Needed


The ATU runs solely on membership fees. Your donation will help us advocate for tenants in disputes with their landlord, organize political actions, and educate tenants about their rights.

Contact us with any questions regarding the services we provide once you become a member.


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