signing a lease Things to Know

The Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act often provides a tenant with multiple remedies for a problem he’s having.  But there’s one remedy that flows through nearly every problem a tenant is having: the right of lease termination. You can terminate your lease agreement on substantive grounds, such as lack of repairs or lack of essential services.  But you can also terminate your lease on technical grounds, such as the building isn’t registered with the County Assessor or the ownership entity named on the lease is not valid.  There are at least 13 provisions in the landlord/tenant act that allow lease termination. It is generally not a good idea to rely on a single ground to get you out of your lease because it is often easy for the landlord to correct one problem.  ATU assists its members by asserting multiple claims. The result is that almost anybody can get out of a lease because there are so many possible areas in which the landlord may be out of compliance.


Legally Terminating Your Lease

But legally terminating your lease agreement is a very tricky process.  Different grounds for lease termination have different sets of requirements, different notice provisions and different time frames.  Do not attempt to terminate the lease without contacting ATU.  We invoke a variety of strategies, so that the landlord is overwhelmed with demands and cannot comply within the time period.  We can assist you in legally terminating your lease such that you will have no obligation to pay further rent.  You will not be subject to a judgment, your credit will not be harmed, and you may be able to recover up to three times the security deposit if the landlord wrongfully withholds it.


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