Arizona Tenants Union is now offering a workshop series on tenant rights

How to Legally Terminate Your Lease Workshop, 10am – 1pm Saturday July 21st, $25 tax deductible donation to the Arizona Tenants Union, Inc. to attend location (TBD). Topics of the workshop will include:

  • Proper registration with the County Assessor
  • Illegal lease provisions
  • Required disclosures
  • Improper fees for service of notices, etc.
  • Improper fines for lease violations
  • Improperly applying rent towards non-rent issues
  • Repair considerations

It is our mission to help tenants who are having problems with their landlords. Consistent with our mission to educate tenants on tenant rights.  Because the main remedy for almost all landlord noncompliance’s is the right of a tenant to terminate his/her lease, this workshop will be geared towards showing the different grounds tenants can use to do this.  The discussion of these grounds will expand into a discussion of tenants’ rights generally.

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Workshops To Come

  • How to effectively obtain repairs
  • How to immediately deal with loss of essential services
  • How to recover your security deposit
  • How to defend yourself in an eviction action
  • How to respond to landlord notices, e.g., 10-day notice for alleged lease noncompliance
  • What constitutes landlord retaliation and how to deal with it