Understanding Landlord Tenant Laws

Desired Rental Report

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Hello Arizona Tenants Union members and supporters. I ran across an article titled "Tenants shouldn't be 'blacklisted' for asserting their rights | Opinion". It's about a tenant in New Jersey who asserted her rights after complaining to the landlord about unsafe living conditions. This tenant was evicted. According to the article when the tenant looked

Midnight Calls         

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I often find that the midnight calls that come in are the most compelling.  I don’t always answer the phone when it rings at 11:30 p.m. . . . but when I do, I am sometimes greeted with the most interesting cases and the most sincere tenants, ready to do whatever it takes to right

The Organizer, the Leader and the Member

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Much has been written about the role of the organizer in a political movement. As someone who’s been involved in organizing at every level for the last 45 years or more, including participating on UFW “boycott lettuce” picket lines when I was 12, agitating against the Vietnam war as a high school student, being a

Why We Do What We Do

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Sometimes I wonder if we actually make a difference helping tenants here in Arizona, where the institutions serving tenants can be so corrupt, and so pro-landlord that we don’t even have the effect of a gnat on an elephant’s back.  But then something happens that makes me remember why I do this. A tenant, Maria,


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As the blog I wrote (David Arenberg) two years ago entitled Illegal Lease Provisions discusses, Arizona landlords use leases that are far out of compliance with the landlord/tenant act.  They do so for many reasons and the foregoing link sets forth these reasons and is very interesting -- read it!  Here is an analysis of one of


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 Arizona Tenants Union fights vigorously to enforce the rights of tenants who are having problems with their landlords.  One of the reasons we are able to be effective at this is that we have developed protocols for almost all types of situations.  If you’re having a personal issue with someone in management, we recommend that


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  Under the Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, landlords are responsible for maintaining the premises under A.R.S. § 33-1324(A).  This includes regular extermination for cockroaches and other vermin.  Although there are many apartments that are infested with cockroaches, and although many landlords do not fulfill their obligation to keep the premises clean, they usually


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It happened again. Last week a 49 year old woman, Priscilla Games, died in her 113 degree Tempe apartment with broken air conditioning.  Tempe Code Enforcement inspectors came out four times, starting on July 22, and sent “notices” to the landlord about the condition.  According to the Arizona Republic, those notices could become “citations” if


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A situation came up in the office recently which is emblematic of a problem with tenants trying to effectuate remedies by themselves.  A tenant called the office who had read the Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act and then drafted a 5-day demand letter for a landlord to correct a health and safety violation, specifically, a


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Almost exactly a year ago I posted a blog on retaliation.  However, a tenant in a building I was organizing re-posted it and I had a chance to re-read it and I realized that I made a serious mistake.  I indicated that retaliation does not  include a landlord terminating a tenancy.  This was incorrect.  Included in