Hello Arizona Tenants Union members and supporters. This is Charles, I am the Associate Director here at the ATU. I’m the mysterious fellow that you never see but I’m sure David mentions from time to time. I ran across an article titled “Tenants shouldn’t be ‘blacklisted’ for asserting their rights | Opinion”. It’s about a tenant in New Jersey who asserted her rights after complaining to the landlord about unsafe living conditions. This tenant was evicted. According to the article when the tenant looked for other housing they were put on some sort of blacklist.

This blacklist is a report. Included in this report that you never get to see is any court history, where the tenants was either a plaintiff or defendant involving a housing dispute. This report at least in NJ, says nothing about the circumstances around the court action. On this basis alone tenants can be denied housing.

We have something similar here in Arizona. It’s the application fee you have to pay for a background check. Here, as we all know, they show if you had any evictions and can deny you on that bases alone. Well if that is something they can do, which it is. Then the Arizona Tenants Union is currently compiling data and designing a rental history report. In this report that we will provide free to our members will provide a “desired rental score” that will reflect any history of complaints for a given rental as well as what those complaints were for. It is our position that tenants should be empowered with a history of the actual rental before they rent.

We need your help, in-order to make these reports useful we need DATA!!! We need you to fill out the form below telling us about your rental. If you would like to add your name and email for follow up, we will leave that optional. Your contribution will go toward providing a true and accurate report that will empower tenants with information about rentals related to rent hikes, repairs request, bug extermination, lease analysis and other factors.