On Tuesday, May 20 about 100 residents of the condemned Mesa Royale trailer park meet with City of Mesa leaders to discuss their options.  After five years  of negotiations between the city and the owners of the trailer park, in which the city tried to force the owner to bring it up to code, they recently issued a vacate order requiring all the tenants to be out by June 30.  The violations included electrical hazards, fuel system hazards, water systems hazards, structural hazards and general fire safety hazards.

Needless to say, the tenants are distraught over having to leave their homes, some of whom have lived there for over 25 years.  The city does have some funds to help tenants transition, but those funds are limited both in the total amount they can spend and in the purposes they can be spent on.

The building is in the process of changing hands and there continues to be negotiations with the new owners.  These were the matters that were discussed at the meeting.  Both the city and the residents are optimistic that some sort of settlement can be reached so that hundreds of families will not be displaced.