that you can use half your rent money to make repairs after giving proper notice?


that you are entitled to recover triple the security deposit if the landlord wrongfully withholds it?


that the Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act contains at least 13 provisions that allow you to legally terminate your lease?


Arizona Tenants Union is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) membership organization advocating for renters in Arizona.  We represent our members in whatever kind of problem you are having.  If you received a 10-day notice for a lease violation, we’ll write a response letter that you can serve on your landlord. If you are having a minor repair problem, we’ll write a “repair and deduct” letter for you that will give the landlord 10 days to make the repair, and if he doesn’t, you can use half your rent money to do so. We will walk you through the process, make sure the letters are written and served correctly, and make sure that the contractor is licensed and prepares a “waiver of lien” form that is required under the statute. If you are having trouble recovering your security deposit, we will help you get it.  And if you are being evicted, we will evaluate the case and help prepare a defense.  Although we cannot formally represent you in front of judge – that is not one of the things that we are allowed to do as a tenants union – we will make sure that you articulate your case in such a way that you have a greater likelihood of prevailing.  In short, we are Arizona renters’ rights.

We also help tenants organize tenants association in their buildings to speak to the landlord from a position of strength, in a single voice.  If an individual person asks for repairs, the landlord can often blow him off, especially if the work costs more than the half month’s the tenant is allowed to pay for repairs under the law.  But if the tenants in the building get together and all of them are prepared to pay a half month’s rent, the landlord will be forced to deal with the tenants as a group.  ATU is dedicated to forming a culture of tenant organizing and tenants rights in Arizona.

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